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Dear friend,

I’m Jacob Williams, the founder of this handy website. My family is filled with plumbers and heating professionals – my father was a plumber, his father was a plumber, and my sons are learning to do the same. We’ve also expanded our expertise into heating and cooling.

My sons and I had the idea for this website when we realized that everybody asks us about what type of water heater to get and which product does the best job for its price. Does it need to be an expensive one? Does it have to be electrical or gas? What maintenance is there? What are the benefits of a tankless heater over a tank?

We get such questions all the time and wished we could just explain it once in detail to everyone out there. This is the purpose of our website, and it allows us to make a bit of extra income on the side for our efforts.

We only list and review good products. Bad ones don’t get our attention, which means you are safe with the products we discuss here. Since tankless water heaters are the future, need little space, provide instant warm water, and reduce energy costs, we decided to focus mainly on them. Don’t go for a tank anymore.

The goal of our website is to help you navigate the available options and to find right heater for you and your budget!


Jacob Williams & Team

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